Green Coffee for Healthier Skin

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Without doubt, coffee is one of the most favourite drinks in many countries. In Italy for example, cappuccino is a must in the morning for most people to start the day better. Other than breakfast, Italians also love to consume coffee after mealtime or during the day to refresh their mind.

There are many types of different coffee to taste. Nevertheless, not only to taste, Italians also believe coffee as a stupendous product to “feel”. Before starting, have you heard about unroasted coffee beans of Arabica coffee that are also known also as green coffee beans? If not, let’s discuss about these beans.

These coffee beans contain 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) and rich antioxidants that are beneficial for both body health and skin health to protect them from cell damage and ageing process. In this regard, green coffee is utilised not for preparing coffee drinks but instead, for making effective natural cosmetics to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

In addition to that, green coffee is also powerful to solve dry skin and works as a great moisturiser. This is why this unroasted coffee started to be used in cosmetics ingredients for its power to protect women’s beauty. Not only it makes skin smooth and keeps it young, green coffee is also effective as natural detoxification and is also helpful to improve blood circulation.

Green coffee’s antioxidants is believed to be ten times better than green tea. This has made green coffee popular to be included in beauty care products. It actively fights free radicals, allows skin to reduce free radical damage, heal scar and help rapid cell regeneration. In brief, this is the right ingredient to target skin imperfection.

As it facilitates to regenerate cells quickly, green coffee is also excellent to be included as one of the ingredients in creams for anti-cellulite and anti-aging. It is a wonderful treatment to achieve a softer, firmer and younger skin. Nothing contributes to healthier skin better than natural beauty products with the right ingredients.

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