The Wonder of Olive Oil for Beauty

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Many people use olive oil to prepare dishes. In Italy, many use it as a healthy salad dressing and pasta condiment. However, do you know that this oil has been considered worldwide as one of the healthiest alimentary products? The extra virgin one is often considered as olive oil with the highest quality on the market.

Not only in Italy, the use of olive oil has been famous in other countries. Take for examples, in the other producing countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal. Not only being utilised in their countries, the quality of olive oil, like the one coming from Italy, is well-known in international market.

Is Olive Oil Only for Cooking?

This wonderful oil is actually recognised for its power in fighting a lot of diseases including cancer, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and curing inflammatory diseases.

Furthermore, it is also known for its richness in antioxidants (including Flavonoids and Hydroxytyrosol, considered as two of the most powerful ones) plus vitamin E and K that are powerful in maintaining healthy skin and body cells.

Knowing this fact, this is why olive oil is now widely used not only for preparing and cooking dishes but also for maintaining healthy skin. A lot of companies specialising in the industry for beauty have started to use olive oil as a part of their cosmetic products.

Why Is It Important to Use Olive Oil for Beauty Care?

This choice was taken considering the ability of olive oil to provide anti-aging benefits for all skins and comfort for sensitive skin. With its antioxidants and vitamins, the use of olive oil in cosmetics has won the hearts of many people, especially in Italy. With routine use of olive oil for beauty, people can protect their skin health.

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