We Officially Launched Our Baby Skincare Line

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Parabiago (MI), Italy, January 25, 2017 – We proudly announce our newest line, designed for baby and mothers. In making our baby products, we also use organic beauty concept and produce everything in our country. Fully Made in Italy and Certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) are our promise and commitment in operating our business.

After having gained worldwide success with products for hair, face and body, we have now launched the newest product line specialized for babies and mothers, who need special care in nursing period. For this new line, we name it Mio Bimbo”, an Italian word that means my baby.

Our Mio Bimbo line is composed of five products: : Sweet Almond Oil, Zinc Oxide cream, Baby Oil, Balsamic Gel and Soothing Spray. All these five use only the best quality and selected ingredients, just like how we make our other PJ products.

With this new line, babies and mothers will get all the comfort they need. Furthermore, as the products are completely natural, it is wonderful for all skin types, even for sensitive skin and for newborn babies. Moreover, all of these five products are dye-free and preservative-free. Once applied on skin, the products are absorbed quickly. For any market that is searching safe skincare products for mothers and babies, Mio Bimbo is the right line to consider.

Mio Bimbo products are the additional products that any distributor worldwide can add to the product list they distribute in their market territory. Other than this line, distributors can certainly also market other Petit Jardin Milano’s products, such as anti-aging lines, skin care for young adults, sun protection line and cosmetic textiles.

At the moment, after having signed agreement with 20 authorised international distributors, we still offer more distribution opportunities to interested parties. To get more details about our products and company, please send us your inquiries to our International Marketing Manager, dewi.wihardja@solalegroup.it


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