Happy Valentine’s Day from Petit Jardin Family

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The sweetest day to celebrate love is here. Actually, love should be celebrated not only for one day and just once every year. For us, it should be celebrated everyday by caring about others continuously. However, Valentine’s Day is still, a necessary day to help us remember that it is nice to care.

On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Petit Jardin Milano would like to honour this day of love by showering its client and international distributors with memorable offers. For Italian consumers, PJ Milano has prepared something unique for those who buy the travel kit.

By purchasing the kit, people can personalise it with their favourite love quote. And not just that, consumers will also receive a discount coupon with a value of €40. Travel kit is a portable anti-aging kit that has 13 products inside, including 8 organic products for face and 5 organic products for body, designed for people who travel often but don’t want to skip their beauty routines.

Petit Jardin Milano is conquering the world

Furthermore, for its international distributors, PJ Milano has provided a special 2% discount for huge products purchase in containers. For more details about this wonderful offer, each distributor may contact directly the Export Manager of the market territory.

Organic skincare products of Petit Jardin Milano have always been made with thorough research, outstanding innovation, high quality and deep love. After years of experience, success and strong partnership with our distributors, we have got recognition as a solid skincare supplier in both Italy and in the global market.

Again, before we wrap up this post, the entire family of Petit Jardin Family would like to greet you, Happy Valentine’s day. May you pass the day splendidly with your loved one.

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