We Present You Our New Sun Protection Line

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As an organic skincare brand, Petit Jardin Milano has gained its international popularity among clients and distributors. In 2017, to welcome the upcoming spring and summer, we have decided to release new sun protection line, which will be good for these two seasons and also for tropical countries.

For this line, we have prepared four excellent products and one kit that can help consumers maintain the health of their hair and skin while enjoying activities outdoors. Our CEO and Director, Mr. Francesco Mastrocinque, mentioned that these products would be great to protect clients from the potential damage on skin that could be caused from UV rays.

Petit Jardin Milano’s sun protection products, perfect for all types of skin

In sun protection line, we have created four products: protective hair oil, bronzing body oil, high sun protection cream and medium sun protection cream. Moreover, there is also a special kit that consists of three sun protection products for body that provide efficient UVA and UVB filters.

Additionally, our CEO added that sun protection line is unique as it uses different natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven, including argan oil, sunflower seed oil and aloe vera. These plants have been recognised by experts as powerful antioxidants, impressive anti-aging resources and potent skin soothers.

The best part is that our sun protection products are available for direct consumers in Italian market and for our distributors in many countries who would like to get advantages from these products and provide the best for their clients. Furthermore, our CEO also remarked that sun protection line has been notably appreciated by both markets, Italian and international.

At the moment, we have entrusted Petit Jardin Milano to 21 reliable partners in different continents for distribution in their territories. PJ is an organic Italian skincare brand that is progressively growing in the heart of Italian consumers and foreign partners.

To conclude, we just would like to inform that our brand still welcomes more distributorship applications from other partners who are passionate about natural Italian skincare and want to market our products in their countries.

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