Night Cream with Cornflower – Review: Paulina Tyrala

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Today we will present you another review from a Makeup Artist based in Rome. She actually comes from Poland but currently, she lives in the Capital of Italy. On her Instagram account, she described her recent experience with Petit Jardin Milano’s product in her mother tongue, Polish.

The product that she reviewed was our face night cream with cornflower water. Below you can view it directly from her Instagram and also the summary in English.

Review of Petit Jardin Milano’s product by Miss. Paulina Tyrala

“Some time ago, I got to test the brand Petit Jardin, a cream with the extract of cornflower. It is a moisturising and nourishing night cream. I loved it from the first use, because I do not like clogs in almost every cream that I previously tried to use. I have very dry skin combined with acne.

Taking care of my skin is incredibly difficult, but this cream passed my test with the score 5/5! It moisturises my skin with long duration and leaves a very comfortable feeling on my skin. In addition, it does not block pores and has very good quality extracts (Petit Jardin is an Italian brand based on high quality ingredients).

The production of these cosmetics is also environmentally friendly. Compared to Poland, Italian bio or eco cosmetics are very popular in their pharmacies. It will be difficult to find something that is not organic. I am very happy because I make great choice on good quality products.

At the moment, Petit Jardin is in pretty rapid expansion also as a producer and it could be a good chance that the brand could go well in Polish Market!  “

We thank you for the review you made about us Ms. Tyrala and we hope you could get the results you wanted from our night cream. Have a wonderful week.

For Polish Market, we accept requests from potential distributors who would like to bring our products into Poland and as mentioned by Ms. Tyrala, it will be a pleasure for us to review the partnership applications.


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