Vitalizing Shower Gel w/ Red Fruits (qfashionandstyle)

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You might have known that we have Vitalizing Shower Gel in our Young Line but you may haven’t heard about how fabulous it is. Here you can read the complete review about it from our Beauty Blogger in USA. Thanks Qfashionandstyle for reviewing us on their website. For the full scoop, continue to read below:

“I am a lover of shower gels that are very warming and delicate to the skin. Vitalizing Shower Gel with Red Fruits by Petit Jardin Milano truly revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. You certainly get a feel good vibe with your skin after you come out the shower using this product!

The scents of the Vitalizing Shower Gel with Red Fruits are amazing, fresh true fruit scents that will fill the whole bathroom with amazing scents and leaves your skin lightly scented. I love what a great leather this works into and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out at all.IMG_20170319_201335I also love the packaging of this product. It is sophisticated, bright and clearly innovative.

About Product: Vitalizing Shower Gel with Red fruits contain natural extracts from cherry, strawberry and rasperry. It accomplishes several actions at once; toning, moisturizing, refreshing and energizing. The extracts are condensed into a single, luscious shower gel.

About Brand: Petit Jardin Milano is a beauty brand established in 2009 and became property of Solale Llc in October 2012. The brand’s main objective is to meet and exceed the daily needs of all skin types for all ages with a successful team of internal specialized cosmetologists, continuously looking for ways to innovate and propose new advanced formulas for their clients. Whats more? Petit Jardin Milano is also a skin care supplier and exporter. At the moment, Petit Jardin Milano has signed contracts with 20 authorised distributors in different continents and is always on the look out for new ones worldwide.

Product Pros: Impeccable product. It leaves the skin feeling soft with a hint of fruitness afterwards.

Product Cons: None”

We hope you have got a wonderful experience with our product during shower time and we appreciate the honest review that you have written about us. Thanks Buba!


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