Anti-aging Intensive Serum (by Mi Schaefer)

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Thanks Mi Schaefer for reviewing our Anti-Aging Intensive Serum on your blog and on your social media channels as well. We are very happy with what you wrote about us as a Beauty Supplier. Therefore, we want to share it as well with our readers. Here is the latest review about our Anti-Aging Intensive Serum from a Beauty Blogger in Brazil.

Intensive anti-aging serum Petit Jardin Milano

March 22, 2017

I received from Petit Jardin Milano, an Italian cosmetic brand, their Anti-Aging Intensive Serum, a product based on natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera gel, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil and protein from hibiscus seeds. This combination accelerates natural cell renewal and improves skin elasticity.

What the brand says:

Anti-Aging Intensive Serum is an extraordinary and effective solution against skin aging. For the presence of its natural ingredients, you can get the following benefits:

Increasing skin elasticity: With the combination of argan oil, hyaluronic acid and wheat germ oil, skin will develop an important increase in elasticity.

Reducing wrinkles: hibiscus seed proteins create a visible reduction effect on the amount of wrinkles.

Velvety and bright skin: Aloe vera extract gives skin the right balance and guarantees extraordinary results, making it soft and shiny.

What surprised me the most about the product is how quickly it acts on the hydration issue. I have dry areas on my face and those areas could be badly affected. So far, I have only been using the serum for 1 month and a half but I have already noticed the difference on my skin. It appears softer and more luminous. I use it every single day during my night beauty routine.

The product is super light and has quick absorption. A small amount is enough for the entire face. Petit Jardin indicates that it should be used in small amount by massaging evenly so that the absorption of the product occurs correctly.

The Serum came in 30-ml glass bottle with a pump and a plastic cap. I found the package very elegant. It has slightly golden colour with super light odour.

The product costs €59 and it can be purchased on Petit Jardin Milano’s website. At the moment, the company is looking for distributors who are interested in importing the brand into Brazil.

As mentioned, we are currently looking for passionate distributors in Brazil and Portugal who’d like to import excellent skincare brand with authentic Italian quality. For details about distributorship, please contact (International Marketing Department).

Sérum Intensivo anti-idade Petit Jardin Milano

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