Super Hydrating Day Cream (by Cathalie Makeup)

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We would like to share with you a review about us from a Makeup Artist in Luxembourg. We really appreciate Cathalie Makeup for what she wrote about our brand, company and product. She has tested our Super Hydrating Day Cream for a month and now she is ready to share her view with all of you. Keep reading to know what she thinks about us. (Original blog is in French. Link is provided below)*

Hi my darlings,

Today I want to introduce a new skincare brand that I met a few weeks ago.
It is Petit Jardin Milano.

Visit their site, , for more information, or stay with me and discover a little bit about the brand and the product!

As you may have noticed, it is an Italian brand located in the Province of Milan. Until a few years ago, this brand was only sold and produced in Italy, but after 2012, they have started to gradually become international.

After having entrusted their brand to 21 different distributors around the world, they are now looking for beauty distributors in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada; So if you know a distributor, let them know.

Their organic products are inspired by nature. They create very high quality products, developed by certified cosmetologists, willing to impress with their new innovations by using only natural ingredients.

Their philosophy and core values are: ‘Love, passion, respect, research and quality.’

If you have problem in deciding which product suits you best, there is a very simple solution: the Petit Jardin App.

With this application, you can watch videos, one for each product!
In these videos, you will receive information about the formula of the product, its benefits and a kind of tutorial that shows you how to use the product to have maximum effect.

You can find products for your hair and your body too, but they mainly focus on skincare products.
There are an ‘Anti-Aging Line’ and a ‘Young Line’ for body and face.
So there is choice for any age.

The product which I am going to tell you is a part of their ‘Young Line’, Super Hydrating Facial Cream!

Let’s go!

In this cream, there is the extract of red algae which makes it a great moisturiser and helps skin regeneration. In addition, there is also rosehip, jojoba oil, PCA sodium, marine collagen and rosa canina extract. All these ingredients will ensure that your skin will always be well moisturised, protected and revitalized.
*The price is 38 € for 50ml

Here is the link for you to watch a video and read more details about this cream:

Indeed, at the moment, after 26 contracts with various countries, we will be more than happy to evaluate new applications from potential distributors in France, Canada, Switzerland and Luxembourg. If you are a Beauty Distributor in these territories and you want to deliver high quality Italian organic beauty brand in your country, please don’t hesitate to contact our International Marketing Department for inquiry at

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