PJ Milano Has Obtained AIAB Certification

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We always prioritise quality in each production of our skincare lines. Utilising organic beauty concept, our brand has obtained certification from AIAB, Associazione Italiana per L’Agricoltura Biologica (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).

AIAB is a network in Italy that represents the interests of organic farmers by promoting organic agriculture as a sustainable development model. The organisation’s values include the conservation of natural resources, environment protection, animal welfare and consumers’ health. In Italian market, organic farming is a model that keeps growing, applied by many industries.

For us, obtaining AIAB certification means that the brand has got recognition as a solid organic cosmetics producer and has followed specific requirements. Moreover, the certification also guarantees that we adhere to a set of principles established by AIAB:

  • The absence of non-vegetable allergens and irritants deemed harmful to human health;
  • Completely free GMO products;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • The use of natural extracts from certified organic farms;
  • The absence of non-sustainable materials from ecological view, as well in the brand’s product packaging.

Bio Eco certification by AIAB is the first acknowledgement for organic cosmetic brands in Italy, created ten years ago. This is to make sure that beauty suppliers follow certain disciplinary aspects to achieve sustainable growth. To receive AIAB’s certification, we assure that our products use ingredients from certified organic farms and that we are 100% Made in Italy. This means no outsourcing when we select our natural extracts and when we produce.

Until now, we have produced five cosmetic lines: anti-aging line, beauty care for young adults, products for mothers and babies, sun protection line and textile cosmetics. In the global market, we have entrusted our products to 26 distributors in different continents and the number keeps increasing.

However, we still welcome new applications from interested beauty distributors worldwide who would like to import our brand into their countries and to market real Italian quality skincare there. To get information about the eligibility requirements, please write an email to marketing@solalegroup.it 





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