The Fantastic Properties of Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera has been known since thousands of years ago for its properties in maintaining health and beauty. It’s recognised in many countries around the world as the plant of immortality. During the period of ancient Egypt, the people there used to plant aloe vera at the entrance of their new homes for good luck as they believed it would ensure long life and happiness.

Furthermore,  its therapeutic virtues could be found as well in the medical manuals of the Sung dynasty in 1276 BC and even Christopher Columbus mentioned it in his diary as a very helpful plant when he was sailing. Cleopatra also used its pulp on her face as moisturising cream to keep her skin young. The properties of this magical plant for health and beauty have never been doubted since long time ago.

Inside the gel obtained from the leaves, we can get many benefits for beauty. It contains Vitamin A, C, E and other necessary components that calm inflammation and irritation caused by shaving or extreme exposure to sun. It also performs anti-aging actions such as reducing dark spots and wrinkles on skin plus regenerating the cells.

In addition, aloe vera gel also  creates a protection on our skin surface that prevents potential harms that can be caused from external factors. This plant can be suited to all types of skin and is good for the most sensitive one or those with acne problems.

At Petit Jardin Milano, we only select the best aloe vera extracts that come from certified organic farm. We believe by using high quality natural extracts, we can keep providing the best skincare solutions for our customers and also for our distributors around the globe.

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