The Use of Argan Oil for Beauty Care

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The precious argan oil is actually extracted from the fruits of Argania Spinosa, a plant that grows exclusively in the South of Morocco. UNESCO has made this area as a biosphere reserve while the New York Times itself has called the oil as “Liquid Gold”.

Argan oil has been used a lot in the cosmetic industry recently. Many companies utilise  it inside their beauty products to offer the best care for their customers. And this is because of the diverse properties that it provides for skin.

To start, it is rich in antioxidants and emollients plus it performs deep moisturising action. In beauty care, argan oil has become one of the most important natural extracts for skin rejuvenation as it contains vitamins E and various essential fatty acids.

The presence of Vitamin E effectively combats the formation of wrinkles and aging processes, keeping the skin young and protected. Its nutritional components (antioxidants and essential fatty acids) have made this oil as one of the best anti-aging remedies for all types of skin.

Moreover, it protects skin from the aggressions  that can be caused from external factors, such as sunrays, smog, wind and other pollutants or toxic substances. It also helps the oxygenation of our epidermis. This oil improves skin elasticity too while absorbed rapidly.

It accelerates skin cells regeneration and stimulates collagen production. In addition, once it is applied on fragile hair and dried skin, argan oil will quickly moisturise and effectively combat the signs of aging on these body parts.

For centuries, people have been using this oil as a real  beauty elixir with unique properties. In the present, official scientific studies have also confirmed the benefits of argan oil, strengthening its reputation as remarkable beauty treatment.

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