How Wheat Germ Oil Benefits Our Beauty

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“Do you know that wheat is actually an ancient cereal that has always been cultivated as food? Its origin comes from the Western Asia area, in the so-called “fertile crescent”, corresponding to the ancient Mesopotamia, which benefited from the presence of the Tigris and Euphrates (from the civilizations of the Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians; spread to Syria and Palestine, then to the great Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations).”

On the other hand, wheat germ oil is extracted from squeezed or cold pressed wheat grain germ. It is dense and has a yellowish colour. In beauty industry, wheat germ oil has become a famous natural ingredient inside many skincare products.

The fact that wheat germ oil is very rich in vitamin E has made the oil suitable to nourish any dry skin and to protect it from further harms that can be caused by external factors, such as wind, UV rays and cold weather. Moreover, it is also a fantastic elixir for long-lasting youthful look.

In addition, this oil restores skin tissues and enhances the condition of hydro-lipid film
so that cracking, desquamation and irritation can be prevented. Wheat germ oil is one of the most important antioxidants that exist in nature. It will help our skin to become luminous and combat early aging by performing powerful anti-wrinkles action.

Experts recommend regular application of wheat germ oil as it gives useful beauty benefits to our skin. It can also be applied as a serum every night, especially around the eyes and lips. Not only, this oil is also ideal for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, lactation and slimming treatments, in order to improve our skin tone and vigour.

Last but not least, wheat germ oil is also very beneficial for hair to prevent stress and damage caused by weather changes. It hydrates and refines our hair structure, making it back to its healthy and shiny condition.

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