The Amazing Rosehip Oil for Beauty Care

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Rosehip oil is a type of vegetable oil widely used in natural skincare products that are based on herbs. This plant has now become one of the main remedies in the beauty industry for its effective regenerative properties, especially in healing scar present on skin tissues.

Obtained from cold-pressed seeds, this natural extract is actually very sensitive to air, light and temperature fluctuations. It could face a high risk of alteration and for that, it is absolutely necessary to maintain and control the quality, to ensure that the oil keeps all of its valuable benefits and substances for skin.

Rosehip oil has high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential substances for the synthesis of prostaglandins. These active lipid compounds take care of the regeneration processes of the membranes and skin tissues.

Moreover, the essential fatty acids contained in the rosehip oil are also very important for skin cell renewal. This oil is exceptional in reducing scars and stretch marks, which results can be seen just in fifteen days after routine application (twice a day).  

Additionally, rosehip oil is also great in healing sunburns and reducing dark spots and wrinkles caused from premature skin aging. It nourishes dry skin and improves skin texture that has been ruined by acne. With regular use, skin will look fresher, softer and more elastic. Not only, it will also eliminate the signs of fatigue and increase skin hydration.

Furthermore, when you apply face cream that contains rosehip oil as one of its natural ingredients, the product will help you to combat early skin aging plus to reduce wrinkles and dark spots that are visible.

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*Certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)

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