Sweet Almond Oil for Healthier Skin and Hair

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Sweet almond oil is a type of oil that has yellowish transparent colour and unique odour. It is very rich in fatty acids and contains necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals that our skin and hair need. However, not all sweet almond oil products have the same quality.

In fact, the quality of this oil depends on the extraction method. The one that Petit Jardin Milano uses, comes from the cold pressed sweet almonds. This makes sure that the properties that it has don’t change during production and remain the same at the end.

As mentioned above, sweet almond oil contains fatty acids, different vitamins (including B and E), proteins and mineral salts (zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium).

These precious substances perform these actions on our skin and hair:

  • Emollient and elasticising. The presence of fatty acids in this oil allows it to hydrate skin deeply, even the driest one. Renowned for its elasticising function, sweet almond oil will make skin soft and elastic. Furthermore, it also helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks that could appear during pregnancy or when people get slim too quickly.
  • Nourishing. This function mainly refers to the beneficial properties that sweet almond oil provides for both skin and hair. It has been clinically proven that the oil can improve the condition of hair, even the dry and damage one.
  • Restoring. Very similar to skin-like texture, this oil is great in restoring the healthy condition of human skin. For this reason, we can say that it is like a strong ally for hair and for all skin types and ages (infants, elderly, those prone to allergy and those with particularly delicate epidermis too).

With Petit Jardin Milano, you will only get the highest quality sweet almond oil. Moreover, our skincare lines have been certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).

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