The Advantages of Using Apricot Kernel Oil for Beauty

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Apricot is a tree of the Rosacea family (the same like peach, cherry and almond). Its name comes from the Arabic word “albarquq”, which means “start”. This name was created due to its early flowering, which takes place in the springtime.

On the other hand, apricot oil is obtained from the cold-pressed kernels. It is composed of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Among these acids, there are about 25% linoleic acid, 5% palmitic acid and 70% oleic acid. the oil has liquid form and fluid appearance. Its colour ranges from light yellow to orange and it has a light odour of nut.

Apricot kernel oil actually contains a lot of fats. Therefore, to improve the absorption on skin, it is suggested to mix it with other types of oil that can be absorbed easier, like for examples, the one from Hazelnut or Macadamia.

This oil is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and vitamin A, phytosterols and triacylglycerols. Vitamins are like antioxidants that keep skin young and healthy. In addition, phytosterols actually provide anti-inflammatory benefits that improve the microcirculation of skin and protect it from the potential damages caused by UVA and UVB.

Furthermore, triacylglycerols perform emollient and soothing action, essential in the reconstruction of hydro-lipid film and in keeping skin hydrated. These substances work together to slow down skin aging.

Once applied on face, apricot kernel oil has soothing effect on irritated skin and helps to reduce stress. It is widely used for its protective properties, also suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, it protects skin from climatic conditions and weather changes.

On body, this oil performs deep emollient and nourishing action, ideal for treating and reducing stretch marks and for making skin visibly elastic. While on hair, it nourishes the fibres and improves its structure. As a result, hair will become shiny, soft and easily combed.

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