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All of us must have experienced these problems: external factors damaging our hair and sometimes, we found out that we had bad hair day when we looked at ourselves in front of the mirror.

However, Don’t panic! By following these simple eight rules, you will have enviable, healthy and luminous hair. What are they?

Health is part of the game, even for hair!

In your shopping list, never miss any food rich in pantothenic acid, biotin and B vitamins such as yogurt, soybeans, beans, bananas, eggs and cereals. Your hair will thank you! Also remember to replenish protein, iron, copper and zinc with vegetables, salads, nuts, pine nuts and plums.

Wash your hair in the correct way.

The best method is by putting some shampoo on the palm of your hand, dilute it with some water and gently massage your hair with it by using fingers (not nails). But, do not exaggerate as too much shampoo can remove the protective hair film.

… And rinse it with a small trick

Once shampoo is used, rinse your hair by using 500 ml of fresh water and a tablespoon of apple vinegar. This trick will make your hair shinier, visibly healthier and silkier.

Be careful with heat!

Protect your hair from strong heat sources by preferring natural drying. If you use hairdryer, direct it from the roots to the tips while for hair straighteners, it’s suggested to use it with temperatures at 140°C for thin hair and up to 200°C for thicker one.

Pay attention to hair brushes and hairstyles

Only select brushes with natural bristles and avoid keeping hair in overwhelming hairstyles.

Hair Colouring? It’s fine, but only the natural ones!

Immediately dismiss any kind of chemical colouring! And at the first signs of hair re-growth, do not directly re-colour. Keep in mind that hairstylists recommend a 6-8 week interval between the first colouring and another.

Always use hat!

Especially during sunny days, do not forget to protect your hair by using straw hats or those made of breathable cotton. You will not regret it!

Choose the right shampoo.

The shampoo you choose must protect the balance and health of your hair, moisturising it delicately and effectively. That’s why it is important to select products that truly take care of your hair, such as for example, Petit Jardin Protective Shampoo, designed specifically to clean the hair while protecting the scalp and removing horrible signs caused by external factors and stress.

So, easy right? With these few rules, you’ll ensure that your hair will look gorgeous every single day.

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