What Are the Secrets of Satisfying Beauty Sleep?

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Skin is body part that regenerates at extraordinary speed. Test it and discover that with just two nights of good sleep, you will have a completely different look. Nevertheless, it does not just end there. There are small things guaranteeing that you will not just have a simple beauty sleep, but also a very restful one. Let’s talk about it.

Sleep 8 hours a night! No less, no more. Over-sleeping is not good too. Remember that sleeping more than 10 hours might lead to cell destruction. If you are really tired and you have to recover a lot of energy, do a 30-minute nap in the afternoon.

Create a sleep habit. Sleep in bed and wake up at the same time every single day, including weekends. This will be very useful for your skin. It is also good to enjoy relaxing herbal tea after putting on your pyjamas.

Sleep with your stomach facing top. If you sleep in prone position, you actually could risk creating wrinkles and other bad signs caused by facial contact with pillow. If it happens, treating them will not be so easy and quick. So, it will be better to avoid!

Choose white and delicate linens. It is perfect if they are made of natural materials that do not stimulate wrinkles creation and do not irritate the skin. In combination, we recommend to use silk pillows like a true diva. Additionally, remember to wash the pillow every three days.

Think of something beautiful. Before falling asleep completely, unplug everything from your mind, especially negative thoughts and make room for the positive ones. Sleep is a source of energy and health. Therefore, it deserves adequate reception!

*Tip: If you sleep in the dark and at quiet place without too many distractions, it will be much better.

Clean and remove your makeup! For a wonderful beauty sleep, it is absolutely crucial that you clean your face thoroughly before going to bed. Indispensable for this purpose are beauty products including cleansing milk, tonic and quality night cream. We suggest that you try Petit Jardin Night Cream with Cornflower Water.

Its active ingredients give your skin deep restorative effect, incredible softness and extreme comfort. Cornflower water performs softening, refreshing and soothing action. Moreover, the extracts of mallow and mint help to prevent and heal any irritation.

Not only those, jojoba and sweet almond oil inside the product also provide emollient properties and nutrients. The synergy of marine collagen promotes hydration and skin regeneration, improving skin texture, tone and compactness.

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