Practising Yoga for Healthy Eyes

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The number one enemy of our eyes actually has a name. Called Smart Stress, this issue includes all the factors that make our eyes full of dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. These might be caused from too much time in front of computer and TV, all day makeup use, contact lenses, only few hours of sleep and extreme sun exposure.

To combat them, the latest beauty trends have mentioned clearly that you must practice yoga for eyes. For centuries, our oriental friends have promoted psychophysical well-being. This method has come to us to help our eyes to stay healthy and to give us luminous look. Just dedicate a bit of our precious time to do specific exercises, apply quality cream for the eye zone and that’s all!


To relax the eye contour area comfortably from home, let’s get a mirror, a chair and of course, the right cosmetic product. A basic program can be very simple and it requires very little effort. To begin, do these three steps, for five times and for five seconds each. However, pay attention, if we have any eye problem, it is better to contact our oculist first before starting the exercise!

Rotating Massage

Hold our eyebrows with thumb and index finger then massage them slowly. In the meantime, move our eyes slowly from right to left and then up and down. The point of this exercise is to do it in slow motion. Too fast rotation can cause some nausea, so do not exaggerate! The benefits? We will reduce small wrinkles and train not to frown when you do common movements.

From Eyes to Ears

Open eyes in the most possible way and at the same time, massage with energy, the part behind our ears by stretching it with our fingers all the way out. Benefits: Elimination of lymphatic congestion of eye bags plus brighter and lighter look.

Toned eyelid

Close eyes and put the tip of our index finger on the eyelid. Once we are in this position, try to open them while our finger opposes the resistance. Benefits: toning and tightening the loose skin on the eyelids.

Last but not the least, after these exercises, it is essential to massage the whole area with a quality product containing organic and natural ingredients designed for eyes’ well-being like Petit Jardin Milano’s Eye Contour Gel, an extraordinary product specially designed to moisturise and protect our skin from the harms of pollution and makeup application.

Our look tells who we are, don’t ignore it!

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