Revitalizing Tonic Lotion (Review by Cugine Makeup)

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Today, we want to present you a review of our Revitalizing Tonic Lotion, a product from our Anti-Aging Line. The review was written by one of professional Beauty Bloggers in Italy, Cugine Makeup. Here is the translation of what she wrote around a month ago.

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Hey girls! Welcome to my blog. The star of my post this Wednesday is Revitalizing Tonic Lotion of Petit Jardin Milano, an Italian brand that combines advanced technology and organic ingredients to produce their skincare products.

I really appreciate and thank the company for the wonderful opportunity they gave to me to try one of their fantastic cosmetics. For us, Cugine Makeup, it was an exciting surprise. Now, let’s discover the product together.


The main benefits of this tonic are to cleanse our skin and eliminate impurities from makeup residues, pollution and excessive sebum. It hydrates our face skin, donates compactness and reduces visible pores and other imperfections.

How is it possible? This is because the tonic lotion uses Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extracts. For those who want to buy it, a bottle contains 200 ml tonic and can be bought at €26.90.

Petit Jardin Tonic is rich in vegetal extracts that provide many beauty properties to our skin! Furthermore, it also has been clinically tested and is animal cruelty free, which is very important to us. Say NO to animal testing!


Aloe Vera. In the present, many cosmetic brands use this natural extract inside their products. Why? Simple. This plant gives various benefits for skin and hair.  In addition to its hydrating and soothing properties plus antioxidants, it is also a natural sunscreen (with SPF base). With it, you can have maximum beauty protection.

Chamomile. With soothing and calming properties, it is one of the most antique and used extracts in the world. Excellent to maintain the perfect balance of our skin, this ingredient has been utilized in many cosmetics for oily skin and for skin affected by dermatitis and eczema.

Marigold: an extraordinary natural ingredient to combat and reduce visible wrinkles. Furthermore, it also helps to accelerate skin cell regeneration.

Hyaluronic Acid hydrates our skin, gives it new compactness and also combats early skin aging. It is actually a molecule already present in our body that unfortunately, with passing years, decreases in our skin. This molecule has roles in maintaining skin moisture and acts as a barrier to aggressive external agents. It is an important ingredient to keep us young!

Wheat Germ Oil. Again, we meet another anti-aging extract. It prevents skin aging and promotes cell renewal. It helps to maintain skin elasticity and performs deep moisturizing action (ideal for dehydrated and very dry skin).

Lime. It performs protective action on skin, helping to protect even the most sensitive and dehydrated one.

Pomegranate: one of the most excellent anti-aging extracts. Utilised in many creams and anti-aging products, it donates compactness to skin, resulting in uniformed complexion.

Furthermore, to conclude all these good stuffs, the tonic lotion also uses environmentally friendly fragrances like Cedar, Gardenia and Sodium Benzoate, a preservative that is natural!


You can use it both in the morning and at night as a part of your beauty routine. Here are some suggestions:

Normal Skin: in the morning after face cleansing. You can also combine the product with a light serum and it might be not necessary to use a face cream. The fantastic properties of this tonic function as well as sun protection, especially when it is applied before makeup.

On the other hand, at night, combine it with your preferred night cream for deep nourishing treatment. It is great to use during winter period, where usually skin feels drier.

My Beauty Routine in the Present

Oily Skin. Thanks to the soothing and anti-imperfection properties, this product is suitable for this type of skin. You don’t need to use any cream other than light serum unless you need more hydration in the evening, during your beauty routine moment.

Dry Skin. If you have this skin type, you might need to combine the product with your favourite cream or serum to help you keep your skin hydrated all day. To be applied in the morning and evening.  Try and see the result.

This gives your skin a refreshing sensation. Moreover, you will also notice that your skin will become clean, hydrated and super fresh. It seems like magic but that is just how it is.


Certainly, after exploring all the various natural extracts inside this tonic, we expect a lot of exceptional stuffs from the product: smoothness, hydration and anti-aging effects. Will you receive these benefits?

Absolutely yes! Skin will be compact right from the first use. It minimizes our pores, making our skin become extra soft but not oily and sticky. Well, regarding wrinkles, I have nothing to tell yet because I’m still 27 years old.

What I can tell you is that face expression lines (those on forehead and around the mouth) will be visibly reduced, especially if you use it before makeup.

This product is really suitable for different types of skin and also for various ages.


I’m directly in love with the tonic! I just need very small amount of the lotion to use it for my entire face. So far, I have received many beauty benefits and experienced quality. So, I will say to you, try it!

Of course the price is quite expensive. However, it is justified with a lot of high quality ingredients that it contains inside.

Application: 10

Effectiveness: 10

Quality and price: 8.5

Availability: 8

Ingredients: 9.5

 Final Rating: 9+

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