Gentle Protective Shampoo (Uno Sguardo al Mondo)

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Thanks to the extraordinary nourishing and decongestant properties of organic Aloe Vera, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wheat Germ Oil (rich in Vitamin E), the Gentle Protective Shampoo of Petit Jardin Milano cleanses hair well while protecting it from aggressive external agents and eliminating the signs of daily stress that might affect our hair.

With constant use, it doesn’t only clean but, it also develops real and proper treatment of wellness for the fact that it utilises the right selection of delicate but effective ingredients. It’s able to nourish hair fibres deeply and donate the perfect balance to our hair, giving a sensation of natural wellbeing.

Final result? We get a natural shampoo that can be used for all types of hair and that is suitable for children’s hair too as it’s completely made from nature.

How to use it?

Use just a little amount of Gentle Protective Shampoo and put it on your palm. After that, massage carefully the hair scalp, rinse your hair thoroughly and repeat this action.  

You will get smooth, silky and shiny hair. And since it is a delicate and natural product, it can be used even few times in a week.

The shampoo costs €19.90 and Italian customers can buy it directly on PJ’s website.

For international distributors, you can learn more about the product on this link.

So far, I have been using this product for two weeks and I have to tell you that it keeps its promises. It’s a fantastic shampoo with delicate pleasant smell. It doesn’t dry our hair scalp and we just need very small amount to cleanse our hair well.

From my experience and also my sister’s, this shampoo performs powerful cleansing action and makes our hair smooth, silky and shiny. This shampoo is used for two types of hair (my straight hair and my sister’s curly hair).

After having used it for some time, we are both really satisfied with the results that we get for our hair.

Blog Post was translated from Uno Sguardo al Mondo


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