When You Have Cold, Stay Beautiful with These Advices

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Your beauty and of course your health become so affected when you have cold. Inappropriate sneezing, unpleasant fever, disturbing sore throat, unbearable headaches and inevitable runny nose are daily routines during this annoying and bad period.

When you start noticing these difficulties, your next question will be, “How can I maintain my beauty when I have cold?”

Our First Advice? Enrich Your Diet

Fruits, water and tea are obligatory as the first solutions. Furthermore, add the following food into your alimentation, which will help you to recover your energy and heal faster.

Ginger – It is excellent in fighting sore throat, mucus cleansing, calming  and also a fantastic stomach barrier against nausea.

Garlic – This is a natural antiseptic with the ability to alleviate throat infections. If you have strong stomach, pound  1 clove and put it into milk with a little honey. Your nose and throat will be healthy again.

Citrus Fruits – Vitamin C is CRUCIAL as if there were no tomorrow! If you don’t like these fruits, you can also consume broccoli and kiwi as they are also a great source of this vitamin.

Honey – It calms cough and has mucolytic effect. Furthermore, it also contains a lot of nutrients that can improve your body stamina.

Dried Fruits – nuts, pistachios and almonds will give you the right energy to cope with this illness.

Our Second Advice? Protect Yourself with The Right Cream

Cold gives you some beauty risks, especially for those who have dry and sensitive skin,  plus the one with seborrhoea. However, don’t think too much. The most important is that you protect all face parts: eye zone,  cheeks, forehead and nose.

When you have cold , hydrating cream is vital to your beauty. Therefore, it is very important to select an effective cream that could hydrate the affected zones deeply. At Petit Jardin Milano, we have created Super Hydrating Day Cream, which you can find inside our Young Line.

This face cream is dedicated to those who need deep hydration (not only when they have cold). Remember that hydrated skin is healthy skin. With this cream, you can benefit from organic ingredients contained in its innovative formula, donating new dynamism and splendour right from the first application.

Red Algae Extract inside the product promotes hydration, supports skin regeneration and reduces  irritation. Jojoba Oil and Rosehip provide emollient and protective properties for toned and firm skin. Additionally, Sodium PCA ensures an optimal hydration of your epidermis while Marine Collagen performs powerful anti-aging action. Last but not least, Rosa Canina Extract revitalises your skin.

So, keep in mind, cold should never be an excuse to just let it be. On the other hand, this is the period when your body needs you the most.


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