PJ Milano: The First Speaking Cosmetics in the Market

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Milan, June 5, 2017 Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?”. The recurrent and obsessive question of Snow White’s stepmother found an answer in her 2.0 mirror, which was also quite condescending. However, not even the stepmother, who might be technologically advanced, could ever imagine cosmetic lines capable of talking and explaining directly all the beauty benefits of its active ingredients and its methods of application.

It would have been the ultimate weapon to win, in the wild, with the hated rival.

For this, Francesco Mastrocinque filled the gap, an eclectic entrepreneur who has already launched several successful brands, including Prevital Water, the pioneer of water gallons in Italy. Sold to the Danone Group in July 2004, two other beautiful stories from Mastrocinque also included CoffeShow.it and MastroCoffe, sold in October 2010 to a private equity fund in London.

In short, we can say that it was a destiny…

It was his intuition to create “speaking” cosmetic lines, Petit Jardin Milano. The idea is simple but very effective. Benefiting the most from this smart app based on Augmented Reality (AR), available for free for Android and Apple smartphones, users just need to download and install it on their device.

Then, it is enough to open the app and direct the device’s camera to the product name on product packaging or on its bottle container. And right away, a very competent lady will appear and explain all about the qualities of the product, including ingredients, advantages and application methods.

There will be no need to ask pharmacist, beautician or even the owner of the products. It is enough to use this smart app to get all the available necessary information.

However, the app is not only completed with a detailed video of each product. It soon serves its customers not only four but six languages, including Italian, English, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. What’s interesting is that by selecting a language, like for example Arabic, the app user can view all the videos in this language, even if they are not in their home country and the packaging is for instance in Italian.

In fact, the app system recognises over 100 Petit Jardin Milano product packagings and bottle containers and users can select the language they prefer. This is a little gem of technology that has achieved global success in international markets, together with the cosmetic lines of the beauty brand. They are currently present in 29 countries, a number that keeps growing.

To conclude, from today on, cosmetic products are destined to speak directly to the customers, just like what occurred between the stepmother and her now outdated mirror.

To download the app, please visit the following links:



*Petit Jardin Milano always welcomes new distributorship requests from all interested parties around the globe. Contact marketing(at)solalegroup(dot)it to know more about how to become our authorised buyers.

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