Do You Want Pretty Smooth Skin just Like Apricot?

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The secret of healthy and pretty skin, especially luminous one, is not in body lotion or body cream with powerful smell. Instead, the secret remains inside excellent exfoliating scrub as the first step of every beauty routine. Actually, utilizing face and body scrub will enable us to eliminate dead skin cells and make our skin become smooth like silk.

Therefore, now I would like to show you my body scrub, a product of Petit Jardin Milano called Exfoliating Body Lotion. Enriched with apricot seeds, olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter and other natural oils, it gently exfoliates our skin.

Not only that, it also nourishes, smoothes and makes our skin luminous, accompanied with pleasant smell that gives us the desire to eat it. I call it exfoliating cream for the fact that it has consistent, creamy and soft texture. The product takes care of our skin and pampers it at the same time, performing gentle exfoliating action with its microspheres that eliminate dead cells.

For soft, exfoliated, luminous and perfumed skin, you just need to try this scrub, a real treatment for your body skin. Moreover, as it is a gentle product, I have tried it also on my face skin, which results amazing and above all, it is delicate but effective.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and without doubt, you will surely be satisfied. For me, it was love at first massage! You can find this Exfoliating Body Lotion and other PJ products on their website,

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